Dub Odyssey

28th - 30th July 2017

Dub Odyssey will be returning to North Anston, Sheffield, our new home that is ideal for the show moving forward. The field is more “rustic” in terms of facilities (there aren't any) but it is more than big enough and we can provide all of the services needed.  Please see the Find Us page for location details.


For those of you that know the area this is the same location as the Sheffield Vintage Steam Rally so if you have been there you will know how big it is and the opportunities this presents.


What is the venue like?


It’s a field... and that's it... Rackford Meadow is a large open field that was previously farm land but we have been there on numerous occasions over the winter meeting with suppliers and each other and even in the cold light of winter there were no concerns about the location and the viability for use. We can provide all facilities needed but we will not be providing hook-ups and possibly not showers and the back to basic feel will be the name of the game so basically please don’t expect 5* facilities its a field... it is a public space so feel free to go and take a look and please give us your feedback.


What's going on at the show?


The main structure of the show will be as before with traders, live music, disco in the evening and show and shine.


What about tickets?


Tickets can be purchased from the Dub Odyssey website from Saturday April 1st. We are still keeping the prices as low as possible but in line to support the costs of the show but we pride ourselves on making Dub Odyssey great value for everyone.


If you have any queries or feedback please do not hesitate to Contact Us 


Dub Odyssey Committee & Sheffield VW Owners Club Committee