Q: What time do the gates open & close?

A: Camping Tickets: Gates are open 12pm until 9pm Friday, 9am until 9pm Saturday, 9am to 5pm Sunday

Day tickets: Saturday 10am – 6pm, Sunday 10am – 4pm. All day visitors must be off site within 30 mins of this time.


Q: Are there any driving rules at the show?

A: Yes, definitely. The speed limit must be kept to 5mph or less! Any one driving erratically or causing a danger to others will be asked to leave immediately without a refund. Gates will be closed at 9pm and no vehicles will be permitted enter, leave or move around the venue after this time.


Mini moto's, scooters, quads and any such vehicle are not permitted to be used on site. Any persons using said vehicles will be asked to vacate the premises for the remainder of the event.


Q: Can I book tickets in advance?

A: Yes. Club and General camping areas are available but are not strict just recommended areas.


Q: Can I pay for camping on the gate?

A: Yes, but it will cost more (£25) & it wil take you longer to get into the venue. We strongly recommend buying tickets in advance.


SVWOC reserves the right to refuse entry and evict anyone deemed a nusiance or causing disruption at any point during the event without a refund.


Weekend Tickets (inc. Fri & Sat camping)

Adults - £20.00

Children aged under 14 - Free**

* Proof of age may be required on entry to the event

** All children aged 16 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult in order to camp at the event


PLEASE NOTE: the weekend fee is applicable regardless of duration.

The gate entry prices are non-negotiable.


Q: Why have the prices changed?

A: We need to cover our costs, so we can keep putting the show on. The show is extremely good value. The show is run by volunteers from SVWOC, we are not a commercial enterprise - hence why it is such good value.


Q: Why is the free entrance only for Children 14 years and under?

A: Dub Odyssey is an extremely good value for money event but that hasn't stopped people taking advantage of our good nature therefore we have had to make changes to both the prices and child free entrance age. We were subject to groups of local youths who attended the event without adult supervision and also qualified for free entry. We cannot take responsibility for youths attending alone therefore a charge and adult supervision will be required otherwise access will be denied at the gate.


Q: Will children aged 14 and under still have a child's wristband?

A: Yes, we will still provide a child's wristband for identification and security purposes. For the children aged 14 and under we have had to charge 1p on the website in order to send the wristbands but this will be refunded on the gate if requested. Free items cannot be added to the shop on our site.


Q: I've ordered tickets, when will I get my wristbands?

A: Approximately 2 weeks before the show. We run the show in our own time so the tickets are generally processed over weekends and in evenings in batches.


Q: Is there a ticket booking fee?

A: No fee for booking but postage is not included and will be an additional charge.


Q: Do you have a refund policy?

A: Yes, on receipt of your payment your tickets will be sent by post. Once the tickets have been issued (left possession of the Dub Odyssey team and are in transit) the tickets are not viable for a refund unless exceptional circumstances deem a refund necessary. Reasons for refund are at the discretion of the Dub Odyssey team and the SVWOC Committee and a refund is not guaranteed.


Q: I have bought tickets but cannot attend, can somebody else use them?

A: Yes, the tickets are in the form of wristband. It is solely your discretion if you wish to give/sell them to anyone else. Any monies/arrangements agreed are your responsibility and Dub Odyssey/SVWOC will not be responsible or liable for any issues resulting in the exchange of tickets with a 3rd party.


Q: Can I bring dogs?

A: Yes, as long as they are kept on a lead & cleaned up after.


Q: Is there running water?

A: Yes


Q: Are there toilets?

A: Yes, there will be portable toilets located at various points on the site. Toilets will be regularly cleaned throughout the event. Disabled toilets are provided near the main field, please see a member of the onsite team. PLEASE NOTE: Caravans and campers with portable toilets are NOT permitted to empty their waste in the toilets provided. There will be a waste disposal point onsite.


Q: Are there showers?

A: No, there are no shower facilities provided


Q: Is there first aid?

A: Yes, first aiders will be on-site throughout the event positioned at the main entrance.


Q: What camping fields are there?

A: General Camping, Large Group Camping & SVWOC Club Camping are available. These camping areas are not policed and are recommended areas only. Due to the nature of the venue and the capacity we cannot police these areas so we ask all visitors to respect other visitors whilst at the show. Any disruption deemed dangerous and extremely excessive will result in evacuation from the show.


Q: Can I have a BBQ?

A: You are not permitted to have a fire or BBQ on the ground. BBQ's that are deemed safe and kept under control and which are min 12” off the ground are allowed. BBQ coals and ash must be removed from the field after use. Do not put hot coals in bin bags - it has caused a fire at a past event! Any scorch marks are subject to a fine of £50 payable at the show.


Q: Can I bring alcohol?

A: Yes, you may bring alcohol into the entertainment marquee also. A licensed bar will be selling alcohol over the weekend at "pub" prices.


Q: What is there for children?

A: There will be bouncy castles, and other entertainment throughout the event.


Q: Can I bring Chinese lanterns or fireworks?

A: No, these are extremely dangerous for camping events & you will be evicted from the event.


Q: Will there be any displays over the w/e?

A: There will be club displays providing we have interest from clubs


Q: Is there a Show-n-Shine?

A: Show-n-shine is held on Sunday from 9am - 3pm, trophies will be presented, voting is carried out by the event visitors then finally judged by our team of sponsors. Details will be posted on the website


Q: Can I sell my vehicle at the show?

A: There will be a VW's for sale area within the Show-n-shine on Sunday. This is free of charge but we gratefully are taking donations towards the SVWOC charity on individual’s discretion.



Q: Can I bring a caravan or large motorhome?

A: There will be a £10 fee applicable to certain types and classifications. Please see the ticket information on the website. As this is the first show at the venue we cannot guarantee the suitability/gradient of the land for large caravans and large motorhomes.


Q: I don't have a VW, am I still welcome?

A: Yes of course, you are very welcome to come along.


Q: I'm a Trader but don't want to camp overnight. Can I leave my stall and equipment at the show?

A: We strongly recommend that no items are left unattended at the show. SVWOC and any 3rd parties on site, will not be responsible for any items left unattended over the weekend. If you wish to leave any items, it will be your own responsibility to secure them. We are happy to keep your space reserved providing you notify us either prior to the event or at least an hour before you intend to leave the venue for the evening.


Q: I'm a Trader but haven't booked

A: Please contact us for a traders booking form then return it to us with all of your details completed. Bookings prior to 31st May will only need to pay the early bird fee. Bookings after 31st May will be subject to a higher rate.


Q: I only want to trade for half of the weekend do I have a reduced fee?

A: No, unfortunately this is too complicated to manage therefore there is a one off fee for the whole weekend and we will secure a plot for you.


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to answer any queries

1. This ticket is issued subject to the rules and regulations of Sheffield Volkswagen Owners Club (SVWOC) and is valid for the date and that day's duration of the event shown (the 'Event').


2. Any person entering the Venue does so at his/her own risk and that neither the Venue, Sheffield Volkswagen Owners Club (SVWOC) or any other event organiser (the 'Organiser') can be held liable for any risk, danger/loss, including bodily harm, personal property damage/loss, or any other incident arising from attendance at the Event whether occuring before, during or after the Event, with the exception of incidents arising from gross negligence and/or wilful misconduct.


3. All persons entering the Venue shall co-operate by (i) complying with all instructions and guideslines given by stewards, marshall's, safety personnel and other legally authorised persons, (ii) producing a valid ticket on request, and (iii) submitting to inspections and allowing removal of unauthorised objects.


4. It is forbidden to use, possess, hold or bring the following items without limitation to be assessed at the discretion of the stewards: bonfires, chinese lanterns, portable viewing structures, unlicensed/unauthorised motor vehicles of any type, weapons, projectiles, flammables, other objects identified by stewards, safety personnel or other authorised persons which may affect security of safety at the Event.


5. All tickets remain the property of Sheffield Volkswagen Owners Club (SVWOC) and are not transferable.


6. Any film, photograph (by camera or mobile phone), or any other recording of moving (or still) picture, or any sound track recording, and intellectual property in connection therewith (including but not limited to copyright) shall remain the property of Sheffield Volkswagen Owners Club (SVWOC).


7. Any person entering the Venue acknowledges that it is a public event and agrees that use may be made free of charge of his/her voice, image and likeness by means of live or recorded video display, broadcast or other transmission or recording, photographs or other current or future media technologies.


8. Any ticket holder whose actions are inconsistent with, or whose tickets have not been obtained in accordance with, these Terms and Conditions will be refused entry or expelled with no rights to refund.


9. Sheffield Volkswagen Owners Club (SVWOC) and the Organisers reserve the right to vary, and/or amend, and/or cancel (under unforeseen circumstances), all advertised events or programmes or schedule at any time.


10. Due to cancellation of the Event, credit values will be at the sole discretion of Sheffield Volkswagen Owners Club (SVWOC) and the Organiser and under no circumstances will a cash refund be issued.


11. The purchaser of the ticket shall indemnify and hold the Venue/ Sheffield Volkswagen Owners Club (SVWOC) /the Organiser harmless from and against all damages and liabilities suffered or incurred in connection with a breach of these Terms and Conditions.


12. In the event that any provision(s) of these Terms and Conditions be declared void, ineffective or unenforceable by any competent court, the remainder of the Terms and Conditions shall remain in effect.


13. The acceptance of the ticket and entry to the Venue shall be deemed full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and rules and regulations referred to herein.

Ticket Terms and Conditions